Wheelchair Infant Seat

Allows on-the-go baby bonding – and all kinds of sleep, play and travel options!

Our Columbus Tetra volunteer, Russ Weir, devised a safe and secure seat that can be turned or tilted as needed so mom Jessica Evans can face her son Hudson, turn him to look forwards to enjoy the view of parks and trails, or even tilt the seat backwards when he needs a nap.

“Jessica uses a wheelchair and wanted a seat for her little one so she could get better bonding,” explained Russ. “I used a bicycle passenger seat as the model because it had the best harness and most structural integrity, and also a cross-bar across the front.” Russ built a mechanism to hold his seat on the wheelchair so it can be turned, tilted or even pulled closer to the mother. She can even change the seat for a baby seat when she has another child, which she will be able to bring into position for nursing.

“She’s very happy with the seat. She has visited a good range of parks and trails, travelled along sidewalks together, and even taken Hudson shopping!” Russ delightfully added.