Tetra Society Presents TetraCon 2022!

It’s Tetra’s 35th anniversary, can you believe it? The Tetra Society of North America has been connecting people with disabilities to technically skilled volunteers who build devices that address environmental barriers at work, home, school, and play for thirty-five years! 

We’re celebrating our birthday with our third annual national virtual conference – and we hope you will join us! Starting at 8:30 am PT (9:30 am MT, 11:30 pm ET, 12:30 pm AT), TetraCon will have something for everyone, from Coast to Coast!

This year’s TetraCon is all about Innovation & Inclusion and will celebrate the progress Tetra has made to support people with disabilities to live life how they wish to all across the country. 

Join regional coordinators and MCs Eric Molendyk, Sylvia Baliko, Andrew Jantzen and Crystal Leochko as they guide us through presentations from chapters across Canada, door prizes, guest speakers, and so much more!

Schedule for the Day

Event Subject
8:30 9:3011:3012:30Greetings
8:359:3511:3512:35Executive Director’s Opening 
8:409:4011:4012:40TetraNation Winners
8:559:5511:5512:55Door Prize
9:0010:0012:001:00From Request to Completion: A Client’s Journey
9:3010:3012:301:30Tetra & Travel: The Accessible Adventurers
9:5510:5512:551:55Tetra & Sports
10:3011:301:302:30Door Prize
10:5511:551:552:55Adaptive Video Games
11:1512:152:153:15Door Prize
11:2012:202:203:20YLI Project Update
11:3512:352:352:35 Wrap-Up

Speaker Bios

Founder of Tetra, Sam Sullivan.

Sam Sullivan

Keynote Address

Our founder, Sam Sullivan, wanted to rebuild his life following a high-level spinal cord injury. Over a 20-year period, Sam established seven non-profit groups offering opportunities to people with physical disabilities in Vancouver and across Canada. Sam found that his greatest strength was in bringing people together to create self-maintaining groups: people with disabilities who want to be more engaged, and volunteers and other supporters who want to make a difference. Sam will open this year’s TetraCon with a keynote address, speaking about how Tetra came to be. 

Sylvia Baliko.

Sylvia Baliko

Submitting a Request for Assistance

Sylvia has been involved with Tetra since the early 2000s, taking over the role of Hamilton Chapter Coordinator from her brother Ron. She currently serves as the National Coordinator for Tetra Society, as well as the regional coordinator for Ontario. overseeing nine chapters in the province. All of this is done while continuing her outstanding fundraising efforts. For Sylvia, Tetra is truly a family affair, and a life’s passion. Join us to hear Sylvia talk about the process for getting help with Tetra. 

Eric Molendyk.

Eric Molendyk

Connecting from a Distance

Eric has been involved with Tetra since 2001, starting as the assistant to the provincial coordinator, eventually becoming the BC coordinator and then Tetra’s national coordinator at the start of 2018. Eric is currently Tetra’s Program Manager. He continues to be honored to work with all the coordinators and regional coordinators throughout Tetra and never ceases to be in awe at the brilliance of our volunteers. Their dedication and ingenuity helps not just people with disabilities but society as a whole to re-imagine what is possible. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for having “virtual” connections, even if meeting in person is not possible. Even if you do not have a Tetra chapter in your area, Tetra volunteers can help! Eric will be discussing how to connect with our “Virtual Coordinator” program. Eric will also handle hosting duties for this year’s TetraCon. 

Three Tetra volunteers working with a saw in a wood working shop.

Tetra Volunteers

Our volunteers are just as diverse as our clients, young and old, students and retired professionals, Engineers, tradespeople, artisans, marketing wizards and outreach specialists, and everything in-between. A few of them will join us from around Canada to describe their experiences volunteering with Tetra Society. 

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