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Tetra transformer Bike – wheelchair cycle
This ingenious “transformer bike” allows physiotherapist Victoria to switch between wheelchair and cycle. Tetra Society volunteer Ron Payne devised this innovative solution.
Tetra Leg-Lifter
Volunteer engineers from Tetra designed this leg-lifter to allow a Vancouver lady with a progressive muscle condition to get into, and leave, her bed independently and with dignity.
Wheelchair stroller and accessible crib
A roll-under crib and a wheelchair-mounted baby carrier allow this 28-year-old Vancouver mom to pick up and carry her one-year-old baby. These custom inventions are courtesy of Tetra volunteers.
Vehicle Transfer Aid
A pulley system mounted to the roof rack of a family car made it easier to transfer a child when she was younger between her wheelchair and car seat. Today she uses an accessible van.
Adapted recorder
This 11-year-old boy, who is unable to use his left hand following surgery to remove a brain tumour, wanted to be like any other student in his school music class.
Tetra Society sling vest
This unobtrusive design converts from a vest to a sling, allowing Heather, from Vancouver some relief from arthritis in her collarbones. This design, created by Tetra volunteers, is more comfortable and unobtrusive.