Wheelchair rifle mount

Sharp-shooter Doug Blessin represented Canada in the 2012 Paralympic Games with this Tetra-made wheelchair rifle mount.

Foot exerciser
A custom foot-exerciser device reduces muscle pain and allows this BC man to deal with inflexible joints.

Workshop skills
Inside Tetra’s fully accessible Vancouver workshop — where people get to make their own beautiful art and craft projects.

Tetra Documentary
This documentary highights some of the amazing work Tetra has done over the years finding solutions to everyday obstacles.

Scooter travel ramp
Custom built by Tetra’s volunteer engineers this travel ramp enables a lady to negotiate inaccessible European sidewalks

Adapted Bike Trailer
An adaptive bike trailer enables a teenage girl with cerebral palsy to enjoy bicycling with her father and younger sister.

Wheelchair Lift
Wheelchair Lift designed by Harry Hardy, Greg Mills and Marvin Pflug in association with the Tetra Society of North America.

Bowling Ball Chute
This gadget releases bowling balls down a chute, making it possible to bowl from a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Driveway Hoist
A driveway hoist helps a young man access a steep driveway. Previously he had to be transferred to a vehicle.