Board of Directors

James Sanders

James Sanders has been a member of the Disability Foundation community for over 20 years, first through a performance at a Vancouver Adapted Music Society event. He created his own company and went on to produce some of the most innovative theatre in Canada, most notably a play called Skydive, which was made possible with the genius volunteers from Tetra Society of North America who created the body brace to enable James to fly in the air above the stage. Since then, James has volunteered on the Board of Directors for Tetra and has emceed events for the Foundation.

Ryan Clarkson

Ryan Clarkson is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community, as well as finding ways to better himself. From volunteering with children’s causes to organizing events and his role at SCIBC as a peer support program coordinator, and even in his own free time Ryan is energetic about making a positive impact. Aside from giving back, he loves to travel and explore and has taken up road trips and camping as his passion. He has driven roughly 150,000 km all over the place while camping along the way! Ryan brings to Tetra a diverse perspective on improving quality of life, confidence and well-being for people with physical disabilities.

Michelle Amerie

Michelle Amerie, an artist and teacher, has been dubbed Ontario’s Champion of Spirit by Berlex Canada and is an advocate of equity and disability pride. She has been featured as a Soul Model in Chatelain Magazine’s Women of Inspiration series and chosen as Volunteer of the Year by Flare magazine. In addition to her tireless work in the community and many accolades and awards, Michelle has been a Tetra Ontario Board member since 2003. She promotes inclusion and active living lifestyles for Canadians with disabilities by facilitating communication and collaboration among organizations, agencies and individuals.

Ho Ting Ip

Ho Ting Ip first learned about Tetra during a residency for his leadership graduate program at Royal Roads University. He and others in his cohort developed organizational development strategies. It was through this experience that he learned about the importance of giving back o the community. Ho Ting comes from the banking world with compliance, business control, process management and strategic leadership expertise, as well as, a can-do attitude to the Tetra Ontario Board.

Jacques Courteau

Jacques Courteau is a lawyer who has held several positions in the federal public service, dealing with various issues such as ethics, access and privacy. Jacques was Champion for Persons with Disabilities in the RCMP from 2010 to 2015. He retired in 2015 after 37 years of public service and has been a volunteer since 2016 on the City of Vancouver Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee, which he co-chaired in 2018 and 2019. He is a member of the Accessibility Strategy Task Force of the City of Vancouver and was Strata Council president of a large condominium in Vancouver.

Jacques Courteau est un avocat ayant occupé plusieurs postes à la Fonction publique fédérale, traitant de sujets variés tel que l’éthique, l’accès et la protection de la vie privée, le droit administratif, la sécurité nationale, et le droit policier. Dans la GRC il a été Champion pour les personnes handicapées de 2010 à 2015. Il a pris sa retraite en 2015 après 37 ans de service public. Il participe comme volontaire depuis 2016 au comité consultatif de la ville de Vancouver pour les personnes handicapées, et en fut le co-président en 2018 et 2019. Il est membre du Groupe de Travail sur la Stratégie d’accessibilité de la Ville de Vancouver, et fut président du conseil d’administration d’un gros condominium.

In Memoriam

Bryce Clarke

Bryce is a police offer with the Edmonton Police Service since 1998 and is one of only two quadriplegic police officers working in Canada today. Currently, he is an Acting Detective in the Downtown Division where he oversees the Offender Management Program. He has been connected with Tetra Alberta since 2016 when looking for help to modify a snowplow that allows him to clear his own driveway. His aim as a Board member for Tetra Alberta is to help others overcome obstacles and make their daily lives a little easier. Bryce is also Vice-Chair for SCI Alberta and served as a Council member on Alberta’s Premiers’ Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities.