(Tetra’s database of assistive devices*)

Over the years our amazing Tetra volunteers have created thousands of assistive devices and gadgets that have helped with overcoming barriers in physical or environmental spaces. We want to share this work and make it easier for anyone anywhere in the world to be able to adopt one of the many solutions that have already made a difference in someone’s life.

TetraBase Terms of Use & Liability Disclaimer

Tetra Society of North America, Tetra Society of Alberta, Tetra Society of Ontario, and the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation (SSDF) offer the Tetra Society database of devices (TetraBase) with the terms, conditions and notices as follows. The following terms and conditions apply to TetraBase, all devices and uses. Please review carefully. These terms and conditions include disclaimers of liabilities. Using TetraBase indicates your agreement to these terms. If you do not wish to agree to these terms, do not use TetraBase.


Use and misuse of devices listed on TetraBase may involve serious risks including injury, disability and death. Users assume all risks.

* This database lists something around 10 per cent of Tetra projects from over the years, so is not complete in any way. However, we hope it gives an overview of what we do, and can help people gain information about what might be possible for them.