Video Equipment Carrier

Film-maker Caspar Ryan, who has inflexible joints caused by his body not fully accepting a life-saving bone marrow transplant, needed to carry heavy video equipment. Being a videographer, Caspar has to carry a lot of equipment: cameras, tripods, lights and possibly a green screen, with a stand.

“My body creates a lot of pain when I move around, and I needed a device that would take away the burden of carrying heavy equipment.” said Caspar. Being in constant pain was distracting Caspar from focusing on the technical side of filming, and affecting the pursuit of work he is most passionate about.
Longtime Tetra volunteer David Graham rose to the challenge and built Caspar something that looks very much like a cart but is custom-made to adapt to Caspar’s mobility needs.

“It’s extremely light, carries any amount of equipment but isn’t bulky. The handles are orientated to my needs. It has large wheels that can cover any terrain, and smaller castor wheels on the back – you lift it up and it pivots. There is a stand at the back so I don’t have to put the cart on the ground to access things, so I don’t have to reach down.” He adds: “It’s really cool that Tetra helps me to earn a living!”