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Title: Child Trike Handlebars | BC | Vancouver
Author: jcripps
Votes: 8

Views: 83
Description: This project is from our Vancouver chapter in the BC Region. Our client is a little girl who uses a quad mobility aid. Unfortunately, the handlebars were not adjustable, and this forced her to control the quad uncomfortably, with her hands high and her shoulders forced backwards. Our amazing volunteers knew they needed to fabricate a new set of handlebars for the quad that would allow for more ergonomically correct positioning for steering. They tested the proof of concept before cutting off and replacing the original handlebars and fine-tuning the positioning. If you think this project and video should win TetraNation 2024 for the BC Region, vote now!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s TetraNation!

2024 Contest Details

All videos will be available at once this year.
TetraNation submissions will still be split up by region, but to ensure even engagement and opportunities for votes, all videos will be voted on at the same time. We accepted projects from October 2022 to December 31st, 2023 (as some projects that were finished near the end of 2022 did not meet that year’s TetraNation contest deadline.)

Projects for consideration were submitted to the communications team from each region by the Regional Coordinators. The communications team is putting together and publishing the videos on behalf of the regions. The video with the most votes from each region will win TetraNation 2024.  

This year we will also be uploading a winners’ announcement video instead of doing a live stream on ConnecTogether.

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