Modified Table Top

“When guests come over I can sit them in the living room, make coffees on my modified table and roll it out to them. We then use it as a coffee table. I call it my everything!” – Patty Clarke referring to her unique adaptive device.

Patty needed a gadget to move things around in her apartment; that she could handle food in the kitchen, use in front of her TV or take out onto her patio with a coffee. “I had this idea of something adjustable that could be used with my manual or power chair that is also small enough to fit under my kitchen counter. So I reached out to Tetra for help” she explained.

Longstanding Tetra volunteer Ron Payne took on the project and found a table at Walmart. He modified it to move the top up and down. Additionally, he put a tilt and a clip on it so that Patty can use it as a laptop table while it doesn’t move. He put new wheels on the table to it make it easier to move it around. He’s also changed the legs of the table so Patty can get closer to it. It’s large enough for food preparation because it can hold lots of bowls. “I can easily use it for everything, that’s why I call it my everything!”

Ron’s gadget won the Innovation Award for the ingenious approach to design and construct!