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It had not been done before. A lot of engineers said it could not be done. I estimated the cost, if I had been billing for my hours, would be more than $100,000. No-one would be able to pay that for a fishing pole, but I was able to give it to the client for free. That was a great moment.”

Columbus volunteer Russ Weir talking about a wheelchair fishing device for a high quad









Tetra Projects & Devices

Over the years, Tetra volunteers have completed thousands of assistive device projects, ranging in complexity from a door-opener fashioned from a coat hanger to a clock designed to display time as a bar graph.

A catalogue containing many of these from over the years has been assembled in a searchable database. Browsing through categories or searching for a specific type of device will illustrate what is possible and demonstrate the ingenuity of Tetra volunteers.

This tool is designed to inform and inspire people to submit requests for devices that will increase the independence and quality of life of a person with a disability.

As you search and browse the catalogue, please remember that each device has been custom-built, so that no items are carried in stock and cannot be ordered. If a particular solution seems appropriate, a similar device can be requested , to your personal specifications.

Bocci ballFor further information, contact your local Tetra chapter or Tetra’s Vancouver, BC head office.

Existing Tetra volunteers

Please fill the Completed Project Form so we can add your work to the assistive device database here.

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