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Request Assistance from Tetra

To request assistance – for yourself or another person – please complete the
Request for Assistance (RFA) form.

You will be asked to provide some background information about yourself, your disability and your requirements – it helps to have researched commercial devices, to be sure that no alternative is available. You will NOT be required to forward additional materials like medical documents.

(If you are a student at any of the colleges and universities in the Greater Toronto Area and the Peel region covered by the Tetra “Youth in Transition” project, there is more information on the process here - or go directly to the RFA form, filling the name of the school attended under the section marked Referral information.)

Tetra’s services are offered at no charge – no upfront fees, no call-out charges, no hourly rates and no membership dues. However, clients are asked, where possible, to make a contribution toward materials and mileage expenses. This is something that will be discussed before any costs are incurred and is generally of a modest nature.

Tetra does not compete with commercially available products. In fact we are careful not to, because we want to augment and support products and services that manufacturers and distributors provide to people with disabilities.

Clients can be referred by themselves, family members or health professionals through the same process – the Request for Assistance form.

Snow sledTetra goes to great lengths to work for and alongside health professionals. We include them in the process at all stages, from initial meetings with clients to the final signing-off, ensuring they have a full voice throughout.

Tetra works to support these valuable professionals and hopes that they will use Tetra as a resource.

The Tetra Society operates on a charitable, non-profit basis, relying on charitable contributions from a variety of sources. There are many ways that you can donate to the Tetra Society.