All-terrain Walker

In 2016, six–year-old Rowan Rader diagnosed with cerebral palsy wanted to walk around independently and play soccer with his friends. However, children’s walkers on the market did not give him the ability to do so; which was disappointing for his mom, Amanda.

“Rowan wanted to play soccer. Our existing walker could not get across the grass, and Rowan could not move – we were running behind pushing the walker.” She said, “He’s not the kind of kid that needs someone controlling him, but his walker could not go over any uneven ground. It would tip over and he would fall”.

She then discovered Tetra and reached out to Tetra Hamilton-Halton coordinator Sylvia Baliko, who connected her to three awesome volunteers; Mike McNally, Sarah Matson and Danielle Hayes.

Sarah and Danielle designed a tough and stable frame with a wheel at each corner, which was welded together by Mike McNally. Since Rowan found it difficult to stay in a straight line, Mike decided to lock the rear wheels so they turn in a single direction. Once Rowan is stronger and more used to it, the family could free those to turn in all directions.

Both Amanda and Rowan were thrilled about the completed all-terrain walker and rejoiced that after getting the hang of his new walker, Rowan now makes independent steps on the cane. Now Rowan walks it, like he talks it!
Amanda beamed and stated: ‘‘With the new walker he just gets to be a kid, and that’s cool.”