Volunteers find solutions to everyday barriers

Over 200 volunteers across Canada power the Tetra program in communities from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s Newfoundland. Tetra volunteers work both independently and collaboratively to design and build innovative custom-assistive devices that enable people with disabilities to overcome physical barriers in their everyday lives.

Bringing diverse perspectives and skills, Tetra volunteers are united in their passion and commitment to find solutions where none may exist or are accessible. Working directly with clients and often sharing ideas with other volunteers, the process to design, build and complete projects is both rewarding and practical.


“Volunteering with Tetra has been a rewarding, enriching and humbling experience.  There are dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues to work with, all willing and happy to share their problem solving skills. The gratitude from the clients gives much satisfaction, knowing we have made an improvement in their daily lives. Happy to see younger members coming into the group, with enthusiasm and fresh approaches to clients ' needs. This is worthwhile work in that there is benefit for clients and volunteers.” -  Ernie Mills-Hodgins, Vancouver Tetra volunteer

“Volunteering with Tetra has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Every project is unique and offers new challenges and the clients are always eager to contribute ideas. It's inspiring to see how sometimes very simple solutions can have quite a significant impact in a person's life, and it's amazing to be a part of that process.” – Radu Postole, Vancouver Tetra volunteer

“Helping somebody is just as much of a reward for me as the device is to the client.” - Harry Hardy, Vancouver Tetra volunteer

“My favorite part of volunteering is the problem-solving, meeting with somebody and seeing how I can help them.” - Glen Parker, Vancouver Tetra volunteer

“I enjoy designing and making useful things that hopefully helps others in need.” - Mike McNally, Hamilton Tetra volunteer

“I really appreciate the opportunity to give back and help somebody and use my skills to make a difference” - Surrey Tetra volunteer, Robin de Goutiere