Meet the team

Jerry Blake

Jerry Blake's career as a lawyer for 26 years goes beyond case work. Based in Victoria, Jerry was a member of the Law Society of BCs Disability Research Working Group, who worked with BC lawyers and judges to identify and evaluate strategies for addressing barriers to the practice of law. He is also currently the Secretary -Treasurer of Tetra Society of North America.

Alexis Chicoine

Alexis Chicoine has represented BC at local and national wheelchair tennis tournaments over the years and helps to run an excavation company while also providing disability awareness and inclusion consulting on the side. She values her play time as well and sings in a local pop/rock choir, travels to warm climates. Alexis also volunteers in leadership roles with the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues and is the Chair of the Tetra Society of North America.

James Sanders

James Sanders has been a member of the Disability Foundation community for over 20 years, first through a performance at a Vancouver Adapted Music Society event. He created his own company and went on to produce some of the most innovative theatre in Canada, most notably a play called Skydive, which was made possible with the genius volunteers from Tetra Society of North America who created the body brace to enable James to fly in the air above the stage. Since then, James has volunteered on the Board of Directors for Tetra and has emceed events for the Foundation.

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