There are many opportunities to engage with others in the community. Check out what’s coming up:

Understanding Tetra


Who We Are and How We Help Eric Molendyk brings his 19 years with Tetra to his discussion on just what Tetra is, and how they might be able to help YOU! Stream Three: What Tetra Can Do for You

Breakout Rooms


Discuss with Tetra Volunteers In this breakout session, Tetra's skilled volunteers will be available to discuss how Tetra might be able to help you. Stream Three: What Tetra Can Do for You

Start a chapter


How to start a chapter in my city? Is there no Tetra chapter in your area? Well then start one! Nichole Yamchuk, Tetra's Prairie Regional Coordinator talks about what you can do to start a chapter in your community Stream Three: What Tetra Can Do for You

Tetra Solutions


Made for Everyone Tetra devices play an important role in making our communities more inclusive. Join Regional Coordinator for the Atlantic Provinces Andrew Jantzen as he discusses how Tetra devices are for everyone. Stream Three: What Tetra Can Do for You



The affordable solution to access the computer and beyond Longtime Tetra staff member David Ostro, who led the launch of netClé, demonstrates how it can support involvement in the virtual world, something that is becoming increasingly important during these times. Stream Three: What Tetra Can Do for You

Schedule 2020

Our highest priority is the well-being of our community of affiliated Societies’ participants, employees, volunteers and partners. The recent determination of the COVID-19 as a global pandemic has prompted our management team to take both short term and longer-term steps to reduce the risk of transmission.

Effective immediately, large group activities in public spaces have been suspended. These include:

  • DIGA’s workshop (March 19)
  • VAMS’s gig at Havana (March 26)
  • ConnecTra’s Abilities Expo (April 7)

All locations where programs and activities are delivered, including BCMOS hiking and paddling centres, the DSA sailing centre at Jericho, and VAMS studio, will have appropriate hospital-grade cleaning products, along with posted reminders and checklists for personal steps to take to reduce the risk of transmission.

Like all of you, we will continue to monitor the evolving development of this public health issue. In the meantime, we are all reminded to have calm and mindful consideration as to how we individually respond to and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please be well.


Ruby Ng
Executive Director