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Many people with disabilities live in cities ands towns where there is no Tetra chapter.  If your community doesn’t have a Tetra chapter, all it takes is a caring person with a few hours per month to start one. Is that you?

There is no specific skill set – it starts with a desire to help people with disabilities overcome some of the obstacles in their lives. The Tetra Society of North America is community-based and volunteer-driven, and needs people like you.

Starting a chapter involves a range of skills, which can be accomplished by an individual or a group working together, dividing the work as they see fit.

Chapters start off small, and grow as additional volunteers come on board.  Many are started by a single technical volunteer – Tetra supplies administrative support and helps recruit a coordinator. Others are started by someone who wants to be a chapter coordinator, who will go about recruiting volunteers – again, supported by the Tetra organization.  Some volunteers, especially in more rural areas, fulfill all the functions.

You can be assured that Tetra’s head office staff, based in Vancouver, BC, is there to help, support and encourage fledgling chapters. (We keep paperwork to a minimum, although things like criminal record checks and the need for information about chapter activities/personnel are mandated by our insurers.)


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