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Tetra and Harry [Hardy] have been a wonderful resource for me several times since I have been injured and I’m so glad I am able to turn to them for help.”

Tetra client Maureen Delandreville, referring to Vancouver volunteer Harry Hardy









Who We Help

The organization’s skilled, screened volunteers – engineers and technicians – do not judge, assess or advocate for clients. They perform one function: to design and create a suitable device (or modification to an existing item) that can enable someone to overcome a particular barrier.

Tetra’s focus is on quality of life – anything that enhances someone’s ability to participate in all aspects of life, including work, family, community affairs and recreation. The needs in this area are as numerous, unique and as varied as the people themselves. It is Tetra’s aim to address these needs.

There is no typical Tetra client – however, the information here is directed at people, who might not be aware of the very many possibilities offered by Tetra. This is how we might be able to help you if you are a: Child, Student, Adult, Senior.