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Tetra Society volunteers Harry Hardy (left) and Brian Johnson created a folding support tray on Heather's wheelchair. Home Page - Tetra Society
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All my life I felt I was meant to do something. There’s a reason I’m here. I don’t know what that is. . . but it gives me satisfaction and a sense of purpose to do something for someone that they cannot do themselves.”

Tetra Vancouver volunteer Jay Drew








Project Information Form


Tetra Volunteer Paperwork

Tetra volunteers are required to complete a Project Information Form each time a project is completed. This allows us to keep the Tetra Devices database up to date.

This form is provided in both online and print formats, for ease of use.

There is a separate form, the Project Invoice Form, for expense claims. This is only in print format, as volunteers are required to attach receipts.

Project Information Form


Project Invoice Form


Print forms (along with receipts) can be mailed or faxed to head office.

Mailing address:

Eric Molendyk
National Program Coordinator
Suite 318 – 425 Carrall St.
Vancouver, BC  V6B 6E3

Fax: 604-688-6463

Contact Eric with any questions.