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Tetra has improved my quality of life, and I think it’s important to support such a useful organization. People with disabilities, especially the newly disabled, know what they want – but often don’t know if it’s available or are unsure of how to create it. Tetra helps enormously by simply connecting the client to a person with a creative mind and common sense.”

Tetra client Kevin Murphy, Halifax, NS








In 2010 we inaugurated Lifetime Achievement Awards to recognize volunteers who have contributed in a very significant way to the success of the Tetra Society.

These awards are presented to individuals who have produced an extraordinary body of work - continuously creating assistive device solutions - and have done so over an extended period of time.

These Lifetime Achievement Award winners have all provided a significant contribution to the lives of people with disabilities over a substantial period of time.




Dave Doman, Vancouver, BC



David Graham, Vancouver, BC



Brian Johnson, Vancouver, BC



Russ Weir, Columbus, OH




Sam Barnes, Mississauga, ON
16 years - 60 projects



John Connor, Mission, BC
15 years - 75 projects



Gregg Harris, Burnaby, BC
15 years - 121 projects



Leonard Lye, St John’s, NL
18 years - 90 projects



Mike McNally, Hamilton, ON
10 years - 60 projects



Marvin Pflug, Surrey, BC
10 years - 75 projects



Randy Schellenberg, Vernon, BC
13 years - 98 projects




Jay Drew, Tsawwassen, BC


Roy Hamaguchi, Vancouver, BC


Murray Henry, West Vancouver, BC



Paul Cermak, Vancouver, BC
Tetra's first ever volunteer


Harry Hardy, Burnaby, BC