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I would like to thank the Tetra Society and in particular John Connor, the volunteer that designed and developed the noise/light board for one of our clients.

“It was a pleasure working with John as he patiently led us through the designing of the board. It was a pleasure working with John and the board turned out to be a work of art.”

Dorothy T. Belair, Recreation therapist at Arcus Community Resources, Maple Ridge, BC referring to Vancouver volunteer John Connor









Tetra Society has completed thousands of projects for children with disabilities – Tools For Tykes – covering a vast range of needs and interests.

Tetra works with parents, caregivers, health professionals, schools, daycares and toy libraries in order to create items that enable some of the very youngest members of society to interact with their parents, brothers and sisters, friends and schoolmates as independently as possible.

Tetra will often work with parents who have a specific goal in mind (for example, to enable their child to study more comfortably or to play outdoors with friends during recess). At the same time, people often contact Tetra for more general information about assistive devices.

Parents of newborn babies, or children otherwise recently diagnosed with a disability, might want to contact us to discuss their child’s likely needs as they grow. We are happy to work with parents, health professionals, teachers and care-givers to meet the needs of children as they develop.

 It is very important for all children to be able to interact. For the very smallest, this means toys, while for a slightly older age range you can add items that enable them to move through the world in some way. In addition, there have been many school-related projects that, for instance, enable improved communication with teachers and other children.

Overcoming barriers

Identify a challenge you/your child will want to overcome, then contact us – either through your local coordinator or directly at head office.

A volunteer will contact you to discuss your ideas and work with you to make sure the project meets your requirements.

You will not be billed for the volunteer’s time – just asked to repay (if possible) materials and mileage costs.
  Bocci Ball

What is possible

Our volunteer engineers and technicians work with families and professionals to give children with disabilities the opportunity to succeed.

These volunteers invent ‘gizmos’ that overcome barriers.

Previous Tetra projects that directly relate to children include adding new, larger, on-off switches that enable a child to control a battery operated toy.

Clients are not only parents - school boards have asked Tetra to create desk adaptations: raised to allow wheelchair access, and/or with a half-moon cut-out so the pupil can sit with both hands on the tabletop. Other adaptations allow the option of sitting and standing.

Children's projects include:

  • Bicycle training wheels

  • Bicycle seat

  • Bouncy chair

  • Crib

  • Stroller

  • Tricycle

  • Soccer bumper

  • Walker


Thank you

Thank you to the following organizations for their generous support of custom assistive devices for children through our Tools for Tykes progam:



Chris Spencer Foundation


Loyal Protestant Association