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I contacted Tetra, and a volunteer came up with this wonderful recorder which allowed this pupil to participate alongside his peers. He was fully integrated into the music class. He was so proud of that recorder.”

Music teacher Andrea Griffin,Nelson Elementary School, Burnaby, BC









Not all Tetra projects are instigated by the recipient. We work with caregivers and family members, who recognize a special need.

Tetra recruits skilled technical volunteers to create assistive devices for people with specific needs that cannot be met through commercial items. Everything created through Tetra is unique, custom-made for one person’s particular needs. The work is performed by volunteers usually within the client’s own community.

The organization’s skilled, screened volunteers – engineers and technicians – will work with the client and their caregivers or family members to ensure the most professional, safest solution is reached.

Tetra engineers do not judge, assess or advocate for clients. They perform one function: to devise and create a suitable device (or modification to an existing item) that can enable someone to overcome a particular barrier.

This is done with the minimum of paperwork. For example, Tetra does not require clients to provide written medical information – although all projects should be instigated by completing the online Request For Assistance form (the same form that is used by clients if they are applying on their own). There is a print version of this, as we find many health professionals like to keep documentation for their own records.

Volunteers are directed not to clone or copy existing commercial devices. Tetra exists to fill needs when off-the-shelf solutions are not available.

Tetra’s services are offered at no charge – no upfront fees, call-out charges, hourly rates or membership dues. However, clients are asked, whenever possible, to contribute to their volunteer’s materials and mileage expenses. This is something that will be discussed before any costs are incurred and is generally of a modest nature.