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This pulley system has saved my wife’s back from being strained and has allowed us to make more use of the van. Until this system was put in place, my wife and I could only make a couple of stops as lowering and raising the ramp wore her out.

“This work was done by Clive Rush. I wish to express our appreciation for the quality of the work and the number of hours that Clive has put into this project. Clive just never gave up as problems arose, and managed to solve them in his usual efficient manner."

Tetra client Gary Jackson, of Delta, BC, referring to Vancouver volunteer Clive Rush who designed a vehicle ramp pulley system.








In general, adults are the most numerous Tetra clients – those with the widest range of needs and requirements.

Tetra projects for adults are incredibly varied. Most adults have a fairly good idea of what device they need or the barriers they would like to overcome. However, there are many people who are used to “getting by” and who might not consider, for example, simple household devices that could remove some of the struggle from their lives.

Probably the most frequently requested Tetra project is a wheelchair cup-holder – variations on this include a wheelchair wineglass holder, to enable a client with some arm movement to support a wineglass during social functions. As two powerchairs are never alike, each cup-holder or wineglass holder is a custom build.

Perhaps an under-recognized area is workplace modifications. Tetra has done a number of projects that have enabled people with disabilities to obtain and/or maintain employment. These have included cradles that hold items being worked on (should dexterity be an issue) or other workstation modifications. Furniture has often been adapted by Tetra volunteers to allow wheelchair access.

There are many household modifications, ranging from projects that enable parents with disabilities to care for babies and young children, to kitchen counter modifications. In addition, there has been a vast range of leisure devices. If you have a day-to-day barrier you would like to overcome, please let us know.

Overcoming barriers

Identify a challenge you want to overcome, then contact us – either through your local coordinator or directly at head office.

A volunteer will contact you to discuss your ideas and work with you to make sure the project meets your requirements.

You will not be billed for the volunteer’s time – just asked to repay (if possible) materials and mileage costs.


What is possible?

Our volunteer engineers and technicians work one-on-one with clients to overcome a barrier of some kind. As an example of what’s possible, previous Tetra projects that directly relate to adults include:

  • Child seat.
  • Book holder

  • Camera mount

  • Cell phone holder

  • Computer desk

  • Cupholder

  • Door remote

  • Grab bars

  • Power tool adaptations

  • Reacher

  • Scooter modifications

  • Table riser

  • Toilet transfer

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste modifications

  • Transfer board

  • Vehicle entry

  • Wheelchair fenders

  • Wheelchair tray

  • Wrist support